Winter Anime

While I try my best to watch a little of all the series that are released during the season, there are many, and it’s not always possible to keep up. Sometimes, I don’t want to keep up. This season was leaning more toward the “not wanting to keep up” side. I can’t say I was particularly excited by any of the titles that came out for winter. There were a few that proved to be fairly good, but most of them were what I thought they would be… lame.


This series is one of the better, and should be well worth watching through to the end. By the same creators as the series Baccano,  it isn’t surprising that this is a crazy story full of twists and turns, and with a stunningly large cast. The story, as far as we can tell, centers around a mysterious headless motorcyclist and  a gang that no one is sure actually exists. The many characters have their part to play as the story and mystery surrounding these rumored beings unfolds. As in Baccano (which if you haven’t seen it, as an action fan, you must remedy this immediately), we can look forward to a solid and exciting ending which will explain everything.

Sora no Woto

This show very much feels similar to Haibane Renmei. A somewhat slow plot with many slice of life elements, but all surrounding some more mysterious background and mythology. It focuses on a group of young female soldiers guarding a small town at the edge of a country. The effects of war can be clearly scene throughout the small town, but for the most part it is a quiet and peaceful place that hasn’t seen much action in a while. The characters are cute, the story is enjoyable, and I look forward to a stronger over arcing story coming together by the end.

Nodame Cantabile: Finale

If you’re a classical music fan, you should definitely check out the Nodame Cantabile series. Even if you’re not, the show is still definitely enjoyable. It has a cast of humorously eccentric and love-able characters, a simple but solid story, and a great soundtrack.

Dance In The Vampire Bund

My vote is still out on this series. There are some loli type conventions that I’m really not comfortable with, but the plot seems interesting. Vampires have decided to present themselves to the world, and essentially take over Japan’s economy. Their leader is a vampire in the form of a small female child, who is protected by the co-lead character a boy who has lost most of his memories, but is the Vampire Queen’s protector as a werewolf.

Hanamaru Youchien

I was looking forward to this one, depending on how it turned out. It’s pretty adorable, indeed. Slice of life show about a new kindergarten teacher, and all of the crazy things that happen with a large group of single digit aged children. I especially love the little genius girl Hi-chan, who is constantly dressing up in animal costumes. The ending theme seems to change regularly as well, which can be very entertaining.

Baka to Test Shokanjuu

No idea what I was getting into with this one, but it’s fun. A bunch of kids attend a school where the level of accomodation and safety is dependant on your grades. Kids with good grades get cushy classrooms with a snack buffet, and failures get dusty moldy rooms where everything is falling apart. Of course, in order to remedy their situation, the kids are allowed to challenge other classrooms to duels with combat miniatures of themselves who’s powers are based on their test scores.


This show is new even for the winter season, and so my vote is still out on this one as well. It seems alright so far, nice action and some humor. Typical action collecting show.

Ladies Vrs. Butlers

Dropping this  show, it seems to mainly be about breast bouncing, breast suffocating people, breast floating in water, and…more breast. Of course, pantie shots, crotch in the face, and all the other ecchi tropes. I don’t mind ecchi sometimes, but there is a limit that this goes far beyond.

Omamori Himari

I may drop this, it seems a bit boring. The standard master servant relationship with human and cute ecchi demon, childhood friend butting in, and some fighting scenes with cheesy one liners. The art is nice, and it’s not completely boring…just overdone.

Ookami Kakushi

This seems like a Higurashi wanna be, and I’m yet to decide whether they will be ok, or fail completely. It’s starting to lean toward fail, but I won’t know until it’s over.

Seikon no Qwaser

Dropping this show with a huge WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Kid gets powered up by drinking BREAST MILK. Yes, that’s right, Breat Milk. We watch him drink the BREAST MILK, and then go fight. I am baffled and disturbed.

On Going Series:

Tatakau Shisho

I love this series, it just keeps getting better and better. Some people hate it, because their favorite characters just keep getting slaughtered. But I love anti-heroes, so I love who is playing the villain in this show, and wish she could just continue to kick ass and take names for the next few years.

Cross Game

This show is a bit slow sometimes, but it is a decent sports anime about baseball mixed in with some romantic drama. Not my favorite, but worth a watch.

Dragon Ball Kai

I didn’t watch the original Dragon Ball, but my husband did. I’m mildly enjoying it despite my dislike of the art. Sometimes action series where the good guy always prevails in the end can be a nice change from the depressing show I usually enjoy. My husband says that the story moves much faster than the original, and there are many things which are closer to the manga that were not shown in the original series. This is a good thing, I’d reckon. So, if you’re a DB fan, be sure to watch this.


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