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Computer Troubles

Recently my piece of junk computer decided to take a turn for the worse, in that it decided to completely stop working altogether. This makes things a bit difficult for my terminally bored husband and I, given that we now only have one working computer between the two of us. That computer being a desk-top who’s monitor no longer registers the color green.

This dilemma becomes even more problematic given that I have recently taken up the responsibility of blogging for a new website about women in metal called Metal Chicks.  On the other hand, the site is well on it’s way to being an excellent source of information, as well as a great community. If you’re a fan of metal (or just good looking and talented girls), be sure to check it out.


X-Mas (life) Wish List

I’m not going to get any of this stuff, because I’m incredibly poor at the moment, but here are the components I would like to have for a home recording studio some day.  Because, I want to be bad ass like Arjen Lucassen, Imogen Heap, and Bjork.

Roland Juno Stage

Avalon 737 Preamp

Neumann U87 Mic

I’d also like to get an electric guitar and the necessary components (amp, pedal, mic, etc). That’s going to be something I’ll have to pick up and play around with, however, so that it’s right for me. Of course, Pro-Tools, an Mbox, and some Digidesign programs like Strike (I’d like to avoid a drum machine).

Some day I’ll be able to get these things, and start recording music properly instead of over an onboard computer mic and freeware…or worse, the LJ voice-post telephone thing.

Stream of Passion- Street Spirit

Stream of Passion covers Radiohead’s Street Spirit. Even though I wish Linstruth and Lucassen were still involved,  Kei is a happy bunny.



They’re on my lap right now being adorable, so I thought I’d show them off. There are two black kittens named Abby and Gibbs (NCIS), and three siamese named Penelope (Criminal Minds), Sheldon (Big Bang Theory), and Oliver (Twist).

In addition to these guys, we have our big cats- Mikoto and Haruka (Siamese), Ootori and Alucard (Black), Yuki (white), and Momo (black and white). I’ll put pictures of them up a bit later.

Birthday Baby

Hubby left, Kei right

The seventh was my baby’s birthday. Here in Mexico, that was yesterday.

My hubby has an undiagnosed condition that is slowly destroying her liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Earlier this year, the doctors told us that she would need a transplant which she would not be eligible for. Without this, they estimated that she would be left with only 4 months to live. We don’t have a lot of money, so we were really prepared for the worse. So today, several months after it was predicted that she shouldn’t still be alive- she made it past another birthday.

Palacio de Bellas Artes (from Wiki)

Being poor, we didn’t do anything particularly amazing. We woke up at about 2 pm (we’re night owls), and she decided that she would just like to go walk around. So, we hiked Felipa (her wheelchair) down the three flights of stairs, and embarked on a city tour.

Mexico City is really an interesting place, especially on a Saturday. We usually take the bus or a subway to places, trying to stay away from the public as much as possible. People mean sicknesses (swine flu, anyone?), and she really can’t afford to get sick. Walking from our house to the Palacio de Bellas Artes was something I had never done, and there were many things along the way that I had never seen.

People own Mexico City, they don’t just live in their homes and visit the city. They cross the street when they want to cross the street, run red lights when they can, play music as loudly as they want, graffiti, litter, spit, curse- whatever they want. Sometimes this can be disconcerting and frustrating. I’m from the United States, so sometimes these things annoy me. When I see spray paint and piles of trash on the corners, I burn in fury at what I sometimes consider to be a lack of civic responsibility and pride.

Then again, there are days like yesterday. A day where I was able to see everyone piled around to watch a documentary about culture being projected on the wall of a building, a whole park full of all ages enjoying chess, whole tents set out for dance lessons, or an aztec tribal dance taking place in the middle of a business district. It’s not a holiday, though my husband might tell you otherwise, this is just what happens here on a Saturday.

As simple a day as it was, it was a lot of fun, and I was grateful to have another day with my sweetheart.