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Quiver Like a 17th Century Courtesan’s Inner Thigh!

Top Chef Season 6 Episode 12

The guest judge on Top Chef today alone should make you watch it, even if you don’t watch the show itself.

Nigella Lawson, a food writer and journalist, is possibly the hottest 50 year old I’ve ever seen; Not that I have seen all that many, mind you. After finding out a bit more about her, she has my vote as one of the coolest foodies (if not people, in general) in existence. Anyone who gets crap for wearing fur, and responds by saying she’d like to kill herself a bear and wear it deserves a damn medal. I love animals, but I love people who’s mouth matches their actions even more.

And what a mouth. this woman could give lessons on creative criticism. The title of this post is what she said that a Pana Cotta should do. On the recent episode she also said that she would “rather eat sawdust” about Eli Kirshtein’s Circus Circus inspired dish, and that she needed Excalibur to cut through Jennifer Carroll’s Tournament of Kings inspired dish. I say kick out Padma, and make her a permanent part of the show instead. Top Chef England? Yes, please.

As to the show itself, my guess is that chubby country cook’n Kevin Gillespie, and the volatile Voltaggio brothers will be the last ones standing for the finale. Jennifer Carrol, who showed quite strongly at the beginning of the season is starting to succumb to self doubt, and her dishes are suffering. Eli has been mediocre throughout, and Robin Leventhal was just a very lucky disaster who truly deserved to “pack her knives and go”.