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Kill Hamyuts Meseta!

Tatakau Shiso: Book of Bantorra

With about 10 episodes aired so far, I’m not disappointed. You know just enough about the characters to want to know more about their motivations, the world is fairly solidly built and somewhat steam-punkish (I do love me some steam-punk), and the plot is intense, swift paced, but with time for a deep dish of waxing philosophical.

In the world of The Book of Bantorra, when humans die they become books- a sheet of brick like substance which contains their entire life story in almost movie form. This record plays through the mind of any human who touches the book with their bare skin. The library, as well as the people who fiercely guard it, were created and left by the god Bantorra. The humans, however, were left by the god’s to their own devices long ago.

Since then, the Library of Bantorra, and the Armed Librarians, are in constant violent run-ins with a religious organization called “The Church of Drowning in God’s Grace” or the Shindeki Church. The members of the Shindeki Church believe that only the most interesting books authored by self indulgent and ambitious persons will be let into heaven. These guys seem to want to off Hamyuts Meseta, and she seems more than happy to meet them in hopes that one of them might be able to do it. Why the death wish? We have to wait to find out. I’m not too worried, in any situation, she seems like she could just suffocate them all with her breasts.

We play Doctor a little different here

Seitokai no Ichizon

Let me tell you that I had absolutely no high hopes for this series, and that I had actually fully expected it would be dropped. Lucky for me, it more than surpassed my expectations. This show is just plain clever. It drops the ball here and there, but picks it right up again before you can think of losing hope. The blatant references to other anime will remind you somewhat of Lucky Star, but the references are more in your face, as is the humor in general. Each character is  a bit of an exaggerated stereotype, but at times gently written and lovable so it never goes too over the top. I’m particularly loving me some Chizuru, who is an endearing mixture of homicidal maniac and  yuri pedobear. In the second to most recent episode, the little sister of Mamiko Noto’s character joins the student council for the day and causes quite a stir. I won’t tell you too much about it, but if you watch no other episode, this one is worth it.

Sasameki Koto

This series is still going strong for me. It’s simple, humorous, and melancholy, as a more drama oriented slice of life should be. Recently we’ve been more formally introduced to the character of Aoi Azusa, a girl made lonely by her own expectations. She is a die-hard fan of Ushio’s brother, whom she believes to be the mysterious woman author of her favorite yuri novels. In the last episode (episode 9), she entertains delusions in her head of the summer she will spend with Sumika creating a fanzine or an original work. Sumika, not realizing how important this is to Azusa, unintentionally hurts the girl’s feelings. More subtly, we see Ushio struggling to realize her own feelings, which appear to be jealousy and loss in regards to the attentions her friend is receiving.