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Viva Maruchan!

Today was grocery day, and we came back with some Instant Ramen that will put hair on your chest! Macho Macho Maruchan.

In Mexico, there are a lot of things that are different with even snack foods that look familiar to us Americans. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even recognize some of these Ramen flavors unless you live in Southern California.

As you can see above- spicy chicken, cheese, and shrimp with lime and habanero chili flavor. Not shown, you can also find shrimp or crab with lime, shrimp or crab with chili, carne asada, chicken asada, and chicken with tomatoe. Personally, it’s all about the Cheese ramen, which I’m surprised isn’t more prevalent in the States. Who doesn’t love cheese?

Some other snack foods that you might surprised about are the every day Frito Lay brands (called Sabritas here in Mexico). You’ll be hard pressed to find regular old Fritos here, as most stores sell lime and salt flavored, or lime salt and chili (peppers) flavored.

You know Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? Well, they have those, but even the regular brand of cheetos contains pepper and is quite spicy. It’s the same with Doritos. Only potato chips will resemble what we’re used to, except you’ll also find chili flavored potato chips of all kinds available as well.

Ever had a pizza with beans, avocado, and chorizo? Well, you’ll find it here. People here regularly eat salsa and ketchup on their pizza, on their potato chips, on their Ramen, and even on their fruit. I’ve come to like chili powder on some fruit, but I still haven’t quite warmed up to the idea of it on any of those other things.

Soft because it's beaten!

I’ll talk about delicious Mexican snacks a bit more later, but I thought I’d show you one more funny thing you might be familiar with. Sunbeam Bread. On the side there, on this Mexican made packaging, you’ll notice it says “Soft because it’s beaten.”  If you’re familiar with their products on the English market,  the bag says “batter whipped”, if it says anything to the effect at all. On this package one might wonder if they’re referring to the bread or the poor little girl…